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  • JustinCampbell34 5: 14 pm
  • Dude you gonna get that carni-puss? haha
  • bassmantim666 5: 14 pm
  • haha
  • JustinCampbell34 5: 14 pm
  • thats all life is about dude
  • find the freakiest bitch ever and just go at it. If you gotta be careful you're not doing it right haha
  • bassmantim666 5: 16 pm
  • hell yes lol I have seen some pretty freaky carni bitches lol seen somne I wouldnt touch with your dick either
  • JustinCampbell34 5: 17 pm
  • dude my dicks already been in them...some how down the line its already happened..vicariously through some nasty bitch thats fucked some nasty dude that fucked that bitch who mothered one of the bitches that fucked another dude and then so on and so forth until i fucked them. Thats the life of the carni-puss
  • It see's the world.
  • bassmantim666 5: 18 pm
  • lmao
  • JustinCampbell34 5: 18 pm
  • Like masturbating on the eifle tower.
  • This was the best shit ever.

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Mandalas by Thomas Hooper

! PURE niceness:)

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Some sound advice to live your life by :)

A3 Ink & Watercolour 

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Just came… #cb7 #accord #honda #hella #static #poke #tuff #hateit #xxr #versace #repostthis #clean #margarin  @supremefitment @accordgram @accords_on_deck @strictly_cb7s @cb7s_only @poorelifeapparel @avenueperformance

Just came… #cb7 #accord #honda #hella #static #poke #tuff #hateit #xxr #versace #repostthis #clean #margarin @supremefitment @accordgram @accords_on_deck @strictly_cb7s @cb7s_only @poorelifeapparel @avenueperformance

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When you meet somebody who catches your interest, typically it starts with their appearance. Then from there you start to learn about the person and see who they are on the inside. 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up deciding that the person just isn’t what you want or need in your life. 

The fact that I met this beautiful girl, its ordinary. The fact that she is more beautiful as a person is rare. Never in my life have I gotten to know someone so incredible. She cares about everybody, no matter who they are, what their story is, or how they act towards her. She cares for me in ways that I have never even dreamed of. She respects me for how hard I work, for my views, my beliefs, and everything else about me. Which I value more than anything. Shes honest, there isn’t a question in the world that she wouldn’t answer. Even if it made her look bad. Which in my eyes, it wouldn’t. I can’t find one this wrong with this girl, at all. It kind of makes me wonder (as cliche as it sounds) if she could be the one. 

I’ve never felt this way about another person. It scares the hell out of me because if I lost her today, I would be devastated. I can’t even explain how much she means to me. The lengths I would go to just to put a smile on her face are unthinkable. 

I’m falling in love with this girl, really hard. My heart skips a beat when she’s next to me, when I look into her beautiful brown eyes, kiss her sweet lips, and even think of her. I worry about her all the time, she works in a bigger city, and she’s by herself most of the time, at night. She’s not that big of a person, she stands probably a foot and a half shorter than me. I know she can defend herself if need be, but I don’t ever want her to be in a situation like that. It really bothers me.

On another note, I just hope she knows how much I truly care about her. The impression she’s left me with every time she leaves, which is amazing. I just don’t know how to put this all into words, or even type it out here. I cant explain anything. All I know is that this girl is extraordinary

~fin. . 

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